We coined the term “Stacked Content,” here's what it means.

Published on October 1, 2023

At Ascent, “stacked content” describes how our content offering–from the creative to strategic comms–is sharper, bolder, and more impactful than our competitors.

Content is only effective when it is seen, makes an impression or leaves a mark, educates, and forces or encourages an action. Stacked content is creative messaging designed to punch through today’s fragmented media landscape–capture the attention of an audience and lead them to take an action to drive our desired outcome.

Here are the tactics:

Owned media: Written blogs, video blogs or vlogs, newsletters, social media, videos, podcasts, etc. created, owned, and managed by Ascent’s team of writers and content creators.

Earned media: Leverage relationships with media to earn positive coverage of the trucking industry and tell key human stories about the industry to improve public perception. We have deep connections with the national press corps, Capitol Hill press corps, and bookers, producers, and editors across the country.

Paid media: Ascent delivers engaging creative through digital mediums that will reach our target audiences wherever they consume content to influence thoughts and behaviors.

To learn more, listen to “Stacking Content To Beat Media Fragmentation,” on the Business of Politics Show with our partner Zack Roday.

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